An amazing story from our female macaque


Rose is a Rhesus macaque female, aged 17 when she arrived at Refuge de l’Arche on June 10, 2015. She has lived in isolation for most of her life. In the laboratory, she stayed in touch for a while with one of her daughters but, after repeated conflicts, they were finally separated.

Rose has already made progress on feeding and moving around her pen. However, it remains uninsured in the outdoor area and almost never goes out voluntarily, although access is always open. She shows stereotypical behavior as soon as something changes in her environment, although these behaviors are less frequent and less intense than when she arrived.

Not very muscular and not used to 3-dimensional movements, she made a few falls during her first jumps on the bridges and on the fence of the airlock. Rose is installed in an installation next to that of two male rhesus macaques. They can see each other and get along, but the fences are too far away to allow physical contact. The inner boxes are separated, preventing any eye contact.

Faced with an unknown human observer, Rose remains calm and observant. It expresses no threat or aggression, does not hide. She jumps however in case of noise. When one moves in the inner airlock, she approaches the door to observe. She shows reactions of interest as she hears vocalizations from both males, but does not respond.

Five months after his arrival, which were necessary to allow him to become familiar with his new environment, the first contact with a congener is envisaged. This new experience for Rose was followed for 2 days by the ethologist Camille Dorhn (Cabinet « Ethologic ») volunteering her expertise to the GRAAL association, which was commissioned to place Rose in its final place of welcome.